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Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

“Why Choose Aluminium Cabinets?”

 Firstly, With the humid weather in Singapore, it is more than common to find a change in size in your wooden cabinet and resulting in your cabinets getting out of shape.  However, with Our aluminum cabinet, this will not be a problem anymore! This is because our aluminum material is able to withstand and adapt to the changes in it’s surrounding temperature and it won’t absorb moisture. hence,  little or no repairs are required, making it SUPER easy to maintain!

  • Secondly, termites are also a lethal problem for wooden cabinets because once it is in contact with moisture over a period of time, the cabinet will soon start to rot, turn moldy and termite will be attached. However, This will not be a problem for our aluminum cabinet because our it is water-resistant so that will not be a chance for the cabinet to rot, hence termite will not be attracted to your cabinets anymore.

  • Thirdly, aluminum is very easy to maintain as it doesn’t require special care and all you will need is cloth and water for cleaning. Furthermore, as aluminum does not absorb any liquids, so there will be fewer worries for oil, sauce or any other spillage.

  • Last but not least, Our aluminum material is fire rated, it can withstand a temperature up to 600-degree Celsius and our powder coating material can also withstand a temperature of 100- 120-degree Celsius for around 1min-2mins. Hence it will never catch on fire and it might save you from experiencing such an unfortunate event.


“Why Choose Aluminium Cabinets?”Firstly, With the humid weather in Singapore, it is more than common..
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